Diagnosis, Forecasting, and Disease Management

checking for diseases symptoms in vegetable fiield

Research in the department on Diagnosis, Forecasting and Disease Management integrates strategies such as cultural and biological controls, chemical control, host plant resistance, disease-free planting stock programs, and others to improve farming systems. A major accomplishment of this research has been the development of a high quality diagnostic facility with state-of-the-art database systems for tracking and reporting diagnoses.

  • Dr. Oliver Baars – Analysis and biological chemistry of exudates in plant-microbe interactions. Nutrient controls on plant microbiome activity.
  • Dr. Peter Balint-Kurti – Mapping and functional analysis of quantitative loci conferring resistance to fungal pathogens in maize
  • Dr. David McK. Bird – Functional and structural genomics of plant-nematode interactions; plant and nematode proteomics
  • Dr. Ignazio Carbone –  Fungal evolutionary genomics, population genetics; phylogeography
  • Dr. Christina Cowger – Population and molecular genetics of fungal diseases of cereals
  • Dr. Marc Cubeta – Genetics, ecology, and population biology of soil fungi
  • Dr. Margaret E. Daub – Fungal cell and molecular biology, Cercospora diseases, pathogen toxins, active oxygen, plant cell culture and transformation
  • Dr. Eric L. Davis – Functional genomics & molecular mechanisms of parasitism by nematodes
  • Dr. Ralph A. Dean – Fungal and host genomics; Director, Center for Integrated Fungal Research
  • Dr. Steven A. Lommel – Virus movement and systemic plant infection: RNA-RNA virus regulation
  • Dr. David S. Marshall – breeding for disease resistance; population structure of small grains
  • Dr. Charles H. Opperman – Genomics of nematodes, plants, and microbial antagonists of nematodes
  • Dr. Lina Quesada – Diseases of cucurbit crops and sweetpotato to deliver novel and improved disease management strategies to growers in North Carolina and advance our knowledge in the field of vegetable pathology.
  • Dr. Jean Beagle Ristaino – Population genomics of Phytophthora infestans and molecular evolution.
  • Dr. David F. Ritchie – Molecular and population genetics of phytobacteria
  • Dr. H. David Shew – Population structure of soilborne pathogens and mechanisms of infection
  • Dr. Sara Villani – Management of ornamental and apple diseases