We improve communities through science.

Using Sound Research to Solve Critical Issues

Extension specialists fulfill our land-grant mission by actively conducting relevant research and disseminating that research to clients in meaningful and accessible ways. In collaboration with basic scientists, Extension personnel take an integrated approach to this mission, producing cohesive work across departments that is both nationally and internationally recognized.

Entomology Extension

Committed. Focused. Respected.

Entomology Extension faculty and staff work with county field faculty, growers, consultants, and the public across the state in solving insect problems through research-based and environmentally sound practices. 

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Apple Pest Management


Our research and Extension personnel deliver useful resources to commercial apple growers throughout the southeast region.  

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Urban & Medical Insect Pest Management

From mosquito control to termite baiting systems, we offer help managing pests commonly affecting people, homes and other buildings.

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Field Crop Insect Biology and Management

 Our experts specialize in the management of pests affecting corn, small grain, soybean, and tobacco crops to help improve crop production and performance.

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Plant Pathology Extension

Engaged. Resourceful. Recognized.

Plant Pathology Extension specialists serve a wide variety of clientele groups and distribute research through multiple outlets, including traditional outlets such as peer-reviewed journals, crop production guides, manuals and field days, and more modern outlets such as blogs, social media and webinars.

Learn more about a few of our Extension programs.

Field Crops Diseases

 Focusing on the most prominent field crops in North Carolina, we disperse research on how to prevent disease and improve production. 

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Fruit Diseases

 The southeast’s warm and wet climate makes fruit diseases difficult to manage. Knowledge is your best defense.  

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NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

Cotton seeds in a petri dish Need a plant problem diagnosed or an insect identified? We’re here to help farmers, growers, landscapers, homeowners and gardeners.

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