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We improve communities through science.

Using Sound Research to Solve Critical Issues

Extension specialists fulfill our land-grant mission by actively conducting relevant research and delivering that research to clients in meaningful and accessible ways. In collaboration with basic scientists, Extension faculty and staff work with county field faculty, growers, consultants, and the public across the state in solving insect and disease problems through research-based and environmentally sound practices. 

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Field Crops Pest Management

Cotton bollworm on cotton leafOur experts specialize in managing insects and disease affecting corn, soybeans, cotton, tobacco, and small grain crops to help improve crop production and performance.

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Tree Fruit Pest Management

Our research and Extension personnel deliver useful resources to commercial apple and peach growers throughout the southeast region.

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Small Fruit Pest Management

 The southeast’s warm and wet climate makes fruit diseases and insect pests on blueberries, strawberries, brambles and other specialty fruit crops difficult to manage. Knowledge is your best defense.  

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Vegetable Pest Management

Foliar disease on sweetpotato North Carolina is a leader in production of vegetables such as sweet potatoes. An integrated approach is critical for successful insect and disease management.  

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Turfgrass Pest Management

Golf green at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course - NCSUNorth Carolina has more than two million acres of turfgrass in residential, commercial and recreational settings. We provide expert advice on managing the diseases and insects that cause economically important damage.

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Ornamentals Pest Management

Birch sawfly larva feeding on foliage (Matt Bertone 2014) Plant health is critical to reducing insects and diseases’ effect on plants in greenhouses, nurseries, and landscapes. Learn how to identify and manage key pests and pathogens.

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Extension Apiculture

Honey bees on hive frame (Image - Clyde Sorenson)

By some estimates, honey bees play an important role in producing one-third of everything that we eat every day. Find out more about what you can do to help promote and protect this valuable resource.

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Urban and Medical Insect Pest Management

Male elephant mosquito - Toxorhynchites rutilus on flower (Matt Bertone 2013)

From mosquito control to termite baiting systems, we offer help managing pests commonly affecting people, homes and other buildings.




Biological Control

Vedalia beetles attacking cottony cushion scale (Matt Bertone- NCSU)

Educating growers, gardeners, and the public about the importance of insect natural enemies in the environmentally sound management of insect pests.

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NC State Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

Cotton seeds in a petri dishNeed a plant problem diagnosed or an insect identified? We’re here to help farmers, growers, landscapers, gardeners and homeowners.

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