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Undergraduate Courses

We offer undergraduate courses in entomology and plant pathology and support to students in a variety of disciplines within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the Agricultural Institute.

Plant Pathology Undergraduate Courses

Whether taken on-campus or online, plant pathology courses help students fulfill program requirements and complement their interests.

For example, both PP 315 (Principles of Plant Pathology – 4 credit hours) and PP 318 (Forest Pathology – 3 credit hours) satisfy the plant protection requirement for the undergraduate curricula in the departments of Crop and Soil Sciences, Horticultural Science and Forestry and Environmental Resources. PP 315 presents fundamental principles of plant pathology while PP 318 deals with the major diseases of forest trees and deteriorations of wood products. PP 222 (Kingdom of Fungi), offered live and as a distance education course, is a popular course taken by students in several colleges.

To enroll in PP 492 (External Learning Experience – 1-6 credit hours) and PP 493 (Special Problems in Plant Pathology – 1-6 credit hours), students must complete the PP 492/PP 492 Course Contract with their faculty mentor or off-campus supervisor and submit it to the Plant Pathology Teaching Coordinator.

  • PP 222 – Kingdom of Fungi (offered on-campus and distance education)
  • PP 315 – Principles of Plant Pathology
  • PP 318 – Forest Pathology
  • PP 492 – External Learning Experience
  • PP 493 – Special Problems in Plant Pathology
Kelman Scholars

Kelman Scholars Program

Honoring the legacy of Arthur Kelman, professor emeritus, National Academy of Sciences member and plant pathology scholar, this program offers research internships to undergraduate students pursuing biological sciences. Research projects range from genomics and biotechnology to applications of the latest technologies to investigate disease ecology and management.

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Entomology Undergraduate Courses

As the largest group of animal species on the planet, insects impact every facet of human life and the environment.  Students across all majors have the opportunity to take entomology courses simply as an elective in their undergraduate program.  For students pursuing careers in agriculture,  ecology, public health, veterinary medicine and related fields, we offer the entomology undergraduate minor which focuses on the management of insects and their integral role in natural and agricultural ecosystems. Students become familiar with the diversity of insect life; their impact on and relationships with plants, humans, and animals; and various methods of pest population management.

The minor requires 15 semester hours. Students must take ENT 425 (General Entomology) or ENT 402 (Forest Entomology) plus 12 additional hours, with six (6) hours being ENT courses. Some courses are available online.

Contact Terri Billeisen ( for more information about the entomology minor.

Entomology Minor Requirements

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