2018 Insect Natural History Class

Entomology Graduate Program

Bridging traditional and modern approaches to study the role of insects in natural and managed ecosystems

Informational Zoom Sessions for Entomology Graduate Program

Monday, December 4th and Tuesday, December 5th

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Globally-ranked, the entomology graduate program in CALS offers a challenging curriculum, one-on-one research experiences and hands-on attention from committed faculty members.

We offer two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in entomology. Prospective students have four options in obtaining a graduate degree in entomology:

No matter which degree or path you pursue, you will gain a diverse set of skills that position you for job placement in the areas of academia, industry and government.

#5 Entomology Program Worldwide

Center for World University Rankings recognizes our quality of graduate education and faculty research.

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Ph.D. Program

Prospective students have three options for applying to the Ph.D. program in entomology:

  • Ph.D.: Students with M.S. degrees can apply directly to the Ph.D. program. 
  • Transfer from M.S. Program to Ph.D. ProgramStudents with baccalaureate degrees can be admitted first to the M.S. program, then after two semesters, they may petition to bypass the master’s degree to pursue a Ph.D. in entomology. (We grant this request only if the student has made outstanding progress.)
  • Ph.D. with M.S. Bypass: Exceptional students with baccalaureate degrees can apply directly to the Ph.D. program.
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