Drs. Anna Whitfield & Dorith Rotenberg research insect-transmitted plant diseases

Protecting Plants, Animals and People

We work to diminish the damage done by insect pests and plant diseases — and care for the environment.

Controlling, Curing, Cultivating

Insects and microbes can take a bite out of farmers’ yields and threaten urban environments, yet they also bring surprising benefits. We apply cutting-edge science to harness the good while minimizing the bad.

Our undergraduate and graduate students get the hands-on entomology and plant pathology preparation they need for challenging careers in industry, government or academia.

Farmers and consumers alike benefit from our research and extension programs that solve real-world problems related to plant diseases and insects.

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DEPP Diversity Statement

The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology (DEPP) is dedicated to providing education, research, extension, and professional development for all of its students, staff, faculty, and other stakeholders. DEPP acknowledges and values all dimensions of diversity. We welcome, support, and encourage the participation of all individuals regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, cultural background, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, professional status, geographic location, and all other characteristics that make people unique.

Members of DEPP will actively promote inclusion, recruitment, and retention in every aspect of our department and activities – including but not limited to student training, leadership, committees, and staff. We will strive for a culture built on mentorship, encouragement, tolerance, and mutual respect. Members of DEPP are committed to proactively rejecting, denouncing, and intervening whenever prejudice, stereotyping, or intolerance are encountered.