Closeup of student holding sweet potatoes


We're cultivating the next generation of leaders in crop and soil sciences. Join us.

Come Grow with Us

Our students solve agriculture and natural resource challenges in North Carolina, the United States and the world.

As a Crop and Soil Sciences student, you will:

  • Work with globally important issues – food production, grassland ecosystems and agricultural sustainability.
  • Learn to grow more nutritious, safer crops to feed the world and improve health while reducing environmental degradation.
  • Gain knowledge in creating and maintaining beautiful and functional landscapes such as golf courses, sports and recreational fields, and in the booming turf and landscape industry.

We train the future managers of two of most vital resources: crops and soil. Come grow with us.

Preparing for the Future

From athletic turf manager to water quality specialist, opportunities for careers and advanced training in crop and soil sciences are abundant.