Associate Degrees

Ready to dive into a career but need some technical skills? Get hands-on training and career-ready knowledge with a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Turfgrass Management or Field Crops Technology.

Turfgrass Management

Empire Turf zoysia sod on display at Turfgrass Field Day.

Well-trained turfgrass managers are in high demand. If you love working outdoors and maintaining beautiful surroundings, a career in turfgrass management may be right for you. Turfgrass managers establish and maintain grasses for functional (erosion control), recreational and ornamental purposes. They manage people and budgets and use their knowledge of plants and soils to produce high-quality, visually appealing turfgrass areas.

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Field Crops Technology

The world’s population is growing, and our farmland is shrinking. North Carolina and the world need professionals trained to answer the tough questions of how we are going to feed and clothe everyone and provide enough grain for food, fuel, and feed.

The Field Crops Technology program gives students a basic understanding of how:

  • field crops grow
  • management decisions influence yield
  • proper soil management enhances farm profits
  • farm profits and marketing decisions are linked
  • to reduce farm inputs
  • to maximize crop yields while protecting the environment and natural resources

The Crop Science Extension Specialists who conduct applied research and provide information across the state also teach the commodity and production courses.

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