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Our graduates are growing the future. Your opportunity awaits.

The Sky's the Limit

Agriculture and the environment have never been more important to the future of our state, country and world. That’s why we’re focused on training the next generation of crop and soil scientists. 

Our graduates pursue meaningful careers that help feed a growing world population, address climate change and sustainable agriculture, and protect water resources and the environment.

The job possibilities in crop and soil sciences are abundant and diverse. And our degree programs will prepare you for whichever field you choose. So jump in — and jumpstart your career.

Careers in Crop and Soil Sciences

From agronomy to real estate, you’ll have a wide variety of career options with a Crop and Soil Sciences degree. Here’s a sample of some of the opportunities available:


An agronomist provides knowledge and leadership to growers in their assigned market while performing job duties such as field scouting, soil management and market analysis.

Crops Systems Specialist

A crops systems specialist works to improve how a business or company manages and utilizes data from the seed or crop production process. They coordinate data collection initiatives and aid in strategic decision making.

Plant Breeder

Plant breeders study seed characteristics and work to improve those characteristics that are most desirable for a plant, such as yield, size, quality, maturity, and resistance to frost, drought, disease, and insect pests.

Athletic Turf Manager

Athletic turf managers are responsible for producing and maintaining sporting grounds. They plan, oversee, and manage major athletic grounds and field renovation projects.

Extension Agent

Extension agents, employed by land-grant universities, serve citizens as experts or teachers on topics relating to economics, community development, agriculture, family, animal production, and nutrition.

Real Estate Manager

Real estate managers in agriculture are responsible for overseeing and supporting a company or business’s real estate strategies by managing all aspects of real estate transactions.


Conservationists work with private landowners and federal, state and local governments to manage, improve and protect the planet’s natural resources.

Nutrient Management / Waste Management Specialist

Nutrient management/waste management specialists develop appropriate methods for removing and managing animal and food waste from or in the environment.

Soil Scientist

Soil scientists study soil characteristics, map soil types and investigate responses of soils under certain conditions.

High-Demand Fields

Not sure which career path is for you? Consider one of the fields in Crop and Soil Sciences in which the demand is far outpacing the number of graduates: