Stories From May 2019

May 31, 2019

Blockchain in the Food Supply Chain

This issue of the NC State Economist answers the question: What is blockchain and how does it affect agriculture?

May 28, 2019

Second Edition of Feitshans’ Ag Law Textbook Released

Agricultural and Agribusiness Law: An Introduction for Non-Lawyers by Emeritus Professor Ted Feitshans is now available.

May 28, 2019

Federal lawmakers propose increasing tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21

Walden noted about 10,000 people across the state are employed in the industry, a number that has decreased as more manufacturers rely on automation.

May 14, 2019

NC State Class of 2019 graduates into strong job market

"If young people are staying in this area – the Research Triangle area of North Carolina – even better," Walden said. "We have a lower unemployment rate, we have a faster growing economy. A lot of people say we are the 'it' economy. This is the place to be."

May 14, 2019

Economist: NC will take a hit, growth will slow as China-US trade war intensifies

Walden explains the effects of trade disputes between the US and China on North Carolina.

May 14, 2019

So why did latest round of trade war break out? Here’s what NCSU economist thinks

Mike Walden explains the sudden change from possible trade agreement to the addition of new tariffs.

May 1, 2019

For farms, minimum wage is just one small piece of survival puzzle

“Higher minimum wages may have different effects on different farms based on the crop produced, the size of the farm and the proximity to large metropolitan areas,” said economists Amy M.G. Kandilov and Ivan T. Kandilov of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.