Job Shadowing

Our job shadowing program offers students majoring in Agricultural Business Management the opportunity to spend a day at a business shadowing professionals. Shadowing provides businesses access to students who may be ideal  for internships and jobs as well as the opportunity for the individual(s) being shadowed to reflect on the nuances of their own job responsibilities through the eyes of a developing professional.

Students are assigned shadowing experiences, based on their interests, in an effort to expose them to a variety of opportunities and career pathways. As freshman, 60% of our students are unsure of a specific business track, so shadowing also provides those students an opportunity to explore careers, expand their professional network, and develop soft skills for future internships and full-time positions.

Shadowing Expectations

Our goal in the job shadowing program is to provide Agricultural Business Management students the opportunity to gain a realistic perspective of your industry and observe the nuances of your daily work. Allowing your visiting student(s) to accompany you in meetings and other daily tasks with some time set aside for questions and a de-brief at the end of the visit will prove meaningful for both employer and student. We will ask that you complete an assessment of the student and the program overall following the student’s site visit.

Prior to a site visit, both student(s) and employer will be provided with the following:

  • Contact information
  • Signed waivers dictating behavioral expectations
  • Location, time of arrival
  • Assessments for completion

Students not in ARE 490 or 495 must complete this waiver.


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