Business Development

The Business Development Page supports new business ventures and direct marketing opportunities by providing business training and support in areas of new business/enterprise development. The training focuses on methods and tools for evaluating a new enterprise.

The materials and tools are intended to help new business with the evaluation process. An example of the business materials offered is The Business Development Files, which addresses questions about business start-up and evaluating new markets. Additional resources are provided on how to conduct practical market research, identify potential customers, differentiating their product and promotion methods. An example of developing new farm businesses is the NC Farm School program, which targets people interested in starting a new farm business.


Business Agritourism
Business Side of Agritourism Manual
Community Service
Considering an Agritourism Enterprise
Customer Service
Marketing Your Agritourism Enterprise
Promoting Your Agritourism
Risk Assessment

Direct Marketing
Estimating Market Potential
Helpful Resources
Introduction To Business Tools
Legal, Regulatory, and Insurance Checklist for North Carolina
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
Researching Your Market-Evaluating the Competition
Researching Your Market-Identifying Your Customers
Direct Answers for Direct Marketing

New Business Start-up
Business Plan Writing
Creating Business Opportunities Resources
Estimating Income and Cost for Your Enterprise
Evaluating a New Business Idea
NC New Farmers Resources

Whole Sale Marketing
NC Food Hubs
NC Grocery Stores
NC Restaurants
Selling to NC Grocery Stores
Selling to NC Restaurants
Wholesale Marketing Channel Fact Sheet