Water Resource Economics

Welcome to North Carolina Water Economics Extension. This page is dedicated to providing agricultural producers, urban water utilities, regulators, environmental advocates, concerned citizens and consumers the economic information they need to make informed water use and management decisions in North Carolina and beyond.

  • Water Quality: Help improve nutrient management and protect ecosystems through innovative markets that achieve pollution reduction at the lowest cost

NC State Economist (Jan. 2, 2020):
North Carolinians Benefit from Pollution Credit Trading

NC State Economist (Jan. 30, 2019):
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Coal Ash in North Carolina

ARE Department News (Oct. 1, 2018):
Coal Ash after Hurricane Florence

  • Water in Agriculture: Understand and enhance local management efforts to address agricultural water challenges like pollution control and groundwater management.

Management of groundwater is a critical issue for agricultural producers across the globe. Presentation given to water economists (April 28, 2020):
Talk on global groundwater governance

Presentation to North Carolina Society for Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (February 14, 2019):
Climate Change in NC: Crops, Land Price and Water

  • Water Conservation: Increase understanding of water pricing and help utilities set water rates to encourage resource stewardship.

Utah State Extension Factsheet (NC Relevant) (Jan., 2019):
A Guide to Municipal Water Conservation Pricing in Utah

  • Climate Change: Collaborate to design adaptable, cost-effective institutions to address water availability and quality challenges related to climate

ARE Department News (Oct. 9, 2018):
The 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics and North Carolina Agriculture