Water Economics

North Carolina can improve nutrient management, protect ecosystems and conserve water through innovative market and pricing policies. My extension program involves applied research, education, and outreach. I teach ARE 495/590 Water Economics to undergrad and graduate students across disciplines.

I am the dissertation advisor for two  PhD students and thesis advisor for one masters student in economics looking at water issues:

  • Jaimie Choi is researching the behavior of water markets.
  • Andrew Hutchens is exploring the relationship between drought and electricity generation.
  • Jud Griffin examines the determinants of affordability of urban water pricing.

I serve on the committees of five NCSU Civil Engineering students working on water issues:

  • Lucas Ford connects climate-driven hydrological forecasts with energy allocation decisions.
  • Morgan DiCarlo characterizes behaviorial response to water-related hazards and the consequences for mitigation.
  • Hemant Kumar works on ground-surface water linkages and the roles of agricultural water extraction.
  • Cade Karrenberg explores dynamic pricing in urban water management.
  • Faisal Alghamdi does research on Advanced Metering Infrastructure to apply and develop advanced water distribution management strategies.

I also serve on the board of the North Carolina Water Resources Association

I give presentation to various groups around North Carolina on issues related to my applied research on water economics. here are two examples:

And I have put out a number of pieces directed at the economics of water resource management in the state: