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An intentional approach to problem-solving

Impactful By Design

We conduct society-relevant, applied research on economic issues related to agriculture, the environment and natural resources. Whether focusing on water quality or agricultural policy or investigating the impact of biotechnology or the supply and demand of agricultural commodities, we address questions and deliver solutions for real-world problems.

Multi-disciplinary in scope, we partner with experts across the university. And students play a prominent role in our globally-ranked scholarship, driven by well-respected and well-published faculty and sustained by state and federal grants.

Our Ph.D. program is one of the best in the world. In rankings based on quality-adjusted journal citations, our program ranked #5 internationally in Resource and Environmental Economics, #5 in Agricultural Economics, and #6 in Resource and Agricultural Economics. It also ranked 2nd among economics Ph.D. programs by the Southern Economic Journal in the field of agricultural economics and 5th in a ranking based on peer evaluations.

Recent alum Lee Parton explains his research and how his time at NC State prepared him for a faculty position at Boise State University.

Faculty Expertise

Through their research, our faculty address questions and provide answers to real-world problems — whether focused on water quality, agricultural policy, renewable energy or food systems. This research impacts local, regional, national and international communities in meaningful ways.

Studying How NC Gets Goods to Market

Dr. Heidi Schweizer studies agricultural commodity markets with an emphasis on transportation. Since coming to NCSU in August 2018, Heidi has started looking into how the sources of supplementary feed supply in North Carolina may impact local prices. These projects combine methodologies from economics, transportation, and operations research to address how transportation infrastructure and policy can influence marketing opportunities and flows of agricultural goods.

Heidi Schweizer headshot

Top 10 Ag Econ Department in the World, December 2017

Seminars and Workshops

We offer multiple opportunities for students to interact with renowned experts in the field as well as their peers. To be exposed to diverse, cutting-edge research as well as present their own. Search our seminars and workshops to learn something new.