Economic Outlook

An economic outlook plays an important role in forming expectations about the potential state of an economy. Using historical data and trends of key economic variables and indices, combined with any current policy or geopolitical events, allow informed forecasts about the economy.

Outlooks are usually focused on a particular economy such as the North Carolina economy, the U.S. agricultural economy, or the U.S. and North Carolina Row crops economy.  The information conveyed in an outlook with respect to forward looking statements should be considered as the presenter’s best “guestimate” of the future given all the information on hand at that point in time.

Predicting the Economic Future

No individual no matter how talented can perfectly predict the economic future and so these statements can often miss the mark and so it is important that consumers take this uncertainty into consideration. As new information comes to light this may also impact the outlook.  An outlook has a limited shelf life of a few months or quarters or when a very significant event occurs.

North Carolina Economic Outlook Series
NC Economic Outlook, 3rd Quarter 2021

Outreach Materials

As new information becomes available, such as monthly or quarterly economic reports, then these need to be taken into consideration.  In the outreach materials in this section you will find various outlooks that reflect recent presentations about important economies.

Tobacco & Peanuts: Blake Brown, November 2021

Dairy Outlook: Brittany Whitmire, November 2021

Agricultural Labor Outlook: Alejandro Gutierrez-Li, November 2021