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Undergraduate Programs

Join us and receive a top-notch,
multidimensional education.

A Value-Added Education

Today, it is essential for graduates to go beyond degree acquisition to be competitive in the job market. Our program delivers a value-added package. Internships, specialized courses, workshops, career exploration, career tracks, job shadowing, road trips, and other professional networking opportunities set our students on a path to success.

We offer a unique mix of courses — from agribusiness analytics to international agricultural trade. And our research and extension experts engage students by using analytical tools to tackle real-world problems.

Intentional advising, small class sizes and flexible degree options make our program a standout choice for undergraduate students.

Student Resources and Program Highlights

Contact Us

Interested in our undergraduate programs? Contact our Undergraduate Coordinator:

John Russ

Undergraduate Coordinator

For questions about Agribusiness Entrepreneurship or our certificate programs, email or phone our Undergraduate Office Manager: