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Giving Levels

North Carolina State University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have set minimum giving levels for specifically named gift opportunities.

Faculty Support

Area of SupportMinimum Required Endowment
Department Head$2,000,000
Faculty Chair$2,500,000
Named Distinguished Professorship$1,000,000
Faculty Award$100,000

Student Support

Area of SupportMinimum Required Endowment
Graduate Fellowships$500,000
Graduate Fellowship Fund$150,000
Caldwell Fellows Scholarship$250,000
Caldwell Program Fund$100,000
Caldwell Enrichment Fund$50,000
Caldwell Unrestricted Fund$50,000*
Merit Awards Program Scholarship$50,000
Named Scholarships$50,000*
Team Captain’s Endowment$500,000
Varsity Sport Position Scholarship$250,000
Sport Endowment$125,000

Colleges and Academic Units

Area of SupportMinimum Required Endowment
CollegesMarket Driven
DepartmentsMarket Driven
Institutes, Programs, CentersMarket Driven

General Endowment

Area of SupportMinimum Required Endowment
Dean/Director Initiative Fund$1,000,000
Provost Initiative Fund$1,500,000
Chancellor Initiative Fund$2,000,000
Lecture Series$100,000
Library Funds$50,000*
All Others$50,000*
For more information, email

Update on Endowment Minimum Increase

NC State University has authorized an update of the minimum endowment level to $50,000 effective July 1, 2018. As background, the $50,000 endowment minimum will benefit the university by:

  • Increasing the impact of the gift to further create permanent capital for the university
  • Enhancing The Think and Do The Extraordinary Campaign by increasing giving
  • Aligning with the endowment minimums of NC State’s peer institutions

NC State will continue to establish named, non-endowed funds/accounts for donor-directed purposes such as scholarship support, program support, etc. for commitments of $10,000 or more over five years, distributed annually for the intended purpose. These funds will remain named as long as funds are available for distribution.

Any exceptions to the endowment minimum must be reviewed and approved by the Vice Chancellor of University Advancement. The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. (Foundation) will continue to allow endowments at $25,000 for commodity organizations with fewer than 250 members.

If you have questions, please contact Sonia Murphy, assistant dean for CALS Advancement, at 919.515.9262 or at