STEAM Program

STEAM (Student Transition Enrollment Advising and Mentoring) is a program that helps make higher education more accessible to rural students interested in pursuing an agriculturally-related major. STEAM participation is by invitation only.

Participants take part in a summer session at NC State and then take their first semester of coursework at an N.C. Community College (or other institution). STEAM students are well-supported through mentoring, academic support, and personalized course and academic advising to ensure that the credits they earn in their first semester will apply toward their NC State degree.

STEAM students are responsible for paying tuition and fees at the current institution they attend.


Summer Session II NC State University NCSU Tuition Summer Rate
Fall of Freshman Year First Year Institution (preferably an NC Community College) Community College Tuition
Spring of Freshman Year NC State University NCSU Tuition
Summer Session NC State University or First Year Institution (Optional) NCSU or Community College Tuition
Fall of Sophomore Year NC State University NCSU Tuition

Questions? Contact the STEAM Coordinator at