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Courses in the IDEA consortium have a “common price” per credit hour, which is above and beyond the average tuition cost for NC State students.

NC State Students

NC State students who want to enroll in an IDEA course must follow these steps:

  1. Check the course matrix on the IDEA website to ensure the course is available.
  2. Seek approval from the IDEA program coordinator at NC State.
  3. Complete a student acknowledgment form. Email this form to Bria Sledge, IDEA Campus Coordinator at NC State University, at and
  4. Complete an NC State IDEA Course Registration Form for each course. The departmental IDEA coordinator must sign the form(s).

Non-Degree Students – Residents of North Carolina

Non-degree students who are residents of North Carolina need to apply to NC State before enrolling in IDEA courses. Accepted students can then register for IDEA courses.

Non-Degree Students – Not Residents of North Carolina

Non-degree students who are not residents of North Carolina are not eligible to enroll in IDEA courses at NC State. Most IDEA courses are graduate courses, and we suggest students interested in a subject area contact the department and apply for admission. Students then can enroll in IDEA courses as an NDS, Postbaccalaureate Studies (PBS) student. Visit The Graduate School website for more information about the graduate application process.

For additional questions, contact Bria Sledge, IDEA campus coordinator: and


Below is information on accessing your NC State account and online courses.

NC State Students

New and returning students, including NDS students, should have a Student ID Number and a Unity ID code. Students use these to log into MyPack Portal, which contains information on the courses students take at NC State, including IDEA courses.

Students from Other Universities

Students attending other universities and taking courses taught by NC State faculty will be given the following:

  • A Student ID number
  • A Unity ID code
  • An NC State email address

Visit the MyPackPortal system. Students log in to MyPack Portal using their student ID number and the new password that was created when they set up their Unity Account.

Most courses taught by NC State faculty are in WolfWare. If you enter WolfWare through the MyPack Portal, here are the steps to the course learning management system:

Click on the “For Students” tab > “Course Resources” > “Wolfware (Moodle) option > your enrolled course should appear.