Proposal Development Support

Christy Sandy has been the proposal developer since July 2014, assisting CALS faculty with proposal planning and development. She has proposal development resources available for all faculty and will assist on any proposal, time permitting. She focuses on two areas:

  1. Supporting large interdisciplinary proposals and
  2. Working with early-career faculty who have little experience writing competitive grant proposals.

Christy works closely with the NC State Proposal Development Unit (PDU) and the CALS Contracts and Grants Office pre-award consultants.

Services Provided

Pre-Proposal Activities

  • Brainstorming: Is a project a good fit?  Is it aligned with CALS/NC State strategic priorities? Is the necessary expertise available? Are appropriate facilities available?
  • Facilitate team science by encouraging interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research.
  • Assist with InfoEd profile setup and training.
  • Assist with identifying and analyzing funding opportunities: Is the donor a good fit for NC State, CALS, and the PI? Is there a history of funding? Is there enough time to develop a competitive proposal? Is the match feasible?
  • Facilitate conversations with funding program directors.

Proposal Development Activities

  • Read & “interpret” RFP.
  • Provide project management services including timelines, meeting planning, agendas, document tracking, editing, and budget review.
  • Provide “eye-on-the-ball” big picture perspective: RFP alignment, logical proposal development, ensure all aspects of RFP are addressed.
  • Non-technical writing and editorial feedback.
  • Provide administrative support: collect and compile institutional data, cost sharing documents, letters of support and commitment, current/pending, and biographies, etc.
  • Serve as a liaison with the CALS Office of Contracts and Grants, PDU, and SPARCS.

Online Training Tools and Templates

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment to discuss a concept, funding, or active proposal, contact Christy Sandy.

Christy Sandy, Proposal Developer
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
203A Patterson Hall