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D'Lyn Ford

Content Editor

CALS Magazine Editor

Butler Communications Bldg. 209


  • An Extension Education
  • 3 Reasons To Add Native Plants to Your Landscape
  • Meet Pollinators That Flap, Creep or Scurry
  • How Dairy Drinks Help Fuel Athletes
  • Triple Digits: North Carolina Agricultural Impact Tops $100 Billion
  • Area(s) of Expertise

    - Writing and editing news and features
    - Leading creative teams
    - Managing print publications and digital content
    - Serving as a media liaison
    - Explaining science to nonscientists

    • 2022 Team Gold Award, CALS Magazine: A Global Perspective, Association for Communication Excellence
    • 2021 Team Bronze Award, CALS Magazine: Risk and Resilience, Association for Communication Excellence