Staff at a CALS Proud meeting

Staff Leadership Programs

Opening Doors to New Opportunity

Staff members play an important role in meeting the college’s overall goals, and the CALS Leadership Office provides programs for their professional and leadership development. Partnerships with CALS Personnel, CALS Office of Diversity and Inclusion and others make these programs possible.

CALS Proud Staff I

Staff member at a CALS Proud workshop

CALS Proud Staff is a two-tiered staff leadership development program that focuses on personal and professional leadership skills. The program got its start after CALS Staff Senate representatives shared with Dean Linton the need for leadership development to increase their work performance and job satisfaction. With funding from the CALS Dean’s office, the CALS Leadership and CALS Personnel offices coordinate two tiers of training. Offered in the fall, CALS Proud Staff I focuses on building community, trust, networks, accountability and value.

CALS Proud Staff II

CALS Proud Staff II is open to all those who have participated in CALS Proud Staff I. CALS Proud Staff II, which takes place in the spring, focuses on deeper issues of interest to the previous participants and may include topics such as work/life balance, time management, team building, effective communication and conflict management.

Contact CALS Leadership Office

Have questions about our leadership programs or how to take part? Call or email Rhonda Sutton, director of College Leadership Programs:

Rhonda Sutton, Ph.D.
Director of College Leadership Programs
CALS Leadership Office
Patterson Hall, 210E
Campus Box 7602
Phone: 919-513-7029