Food, Biochemical and Engineered Systems

We all eat. How does it get from the farm to the store? That's where food science comes in.

A Well-Engineered Food System

How do we create an abundant food supply that is safe, affordable and nutritious? From foodborne disease to infant feeding, our internationally recognized faculty and their students are solving today’s most pressing food, policy and nutrition challenges.

We are training the next generation of leaders in food, biotechnology and nutrition. Our students are highly-sought for careers in the public and private sectors. Our team of chemists, engineers, biologists and nutritionists partner with entrepreneurs and public health officials to develop products and policy initiatives. Join us on our mission to improve the health and well-being of all mankind.

Infographic: Chemistry [arrow pointing right] crops [arrow pointing right] plants [arrow pointing right] animals [arrow pointing right] safety [arrow pointing right] nutrition [arrow pointing right] processing [arrow pointing right] Food, Biochemical and Engineered Systems.
Food, biochemical and engineered systems diagram
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