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Weed Science

Weed Science research in the Department of Horticultural Science encompasses applied and basic studies designed to improve weed management in horticultural cropping systems and urban landscapes, understand the biology of crop and weed interactions, and investigate the molecular bases for herbicide resistance.  Home gardeners and large-scale producers benefit from weed management knowledge and resources.

Research areas

The Weed Science faculty and students are engaged in many areas of research including:

  • Herbicide development for improved weed control in vegetable, fruit and nursery crops;
  • Crop and weed competition;
  • Managing herbicide-resistant weeds in horticultural cropping systems;
  • Growth, development and invasive traits of weeds in horticultural crops;
  • Bioherbicide and biocontrol product development

Project leaders

  • Katie Jennings – Integrated Weed Management in Small Fruits and Vegetables
  • Wayne Mitchem – Weed Management in Orchards and Vineyards
  • Joe Neal – Weed Management in Nursery crops, Landscapes and Christmas Trees; biocontrol of weeds

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