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Will Hooker

Emeriti Landscape Architect


  • Registered Landscape Architect, North Carolina, 1975
  • M.L.A., NC State University, College of Design, 1979
  • Certified Permaculture Designer/Instructor, 1994

Former teaching responsibilities center on designing user-oriented, functional landscapes with a magical ambiance. Within this context, my primary advocacy and teaching for the past 15 years have centered on sustainable design, specifically permaculture design. Permaculture is a sustainable living methodology that focuses on lowering our ecological footprints through such means as alternative forms of housing, localized food production, energy production from renewable sources, water management, and material resource management. “Hands-on” experiences, including extended camping/cooking field trips to visit good and bad examples of relative work, are a significant component of my teaching. Workshops and building projects using sustainable methodologies, and the building of ephemeral sculptures, often using bamboo and based on the Golden Mean, are other means used in teaching/studying the above.