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Agriculture Economy

Biotechnology / Genomics

Gardening / Consumer Horticulture

Lucy Bradley

Consumer and Community Horticulture Professor and Extension Specialist

Liz Driscoll

4-H Specialist, Crop and Soil Science, Entomology and Plant Pathology, and Horticultural Science

Charlotte Glen

Statewide Coordinator, NC Extension Master Gardener Program

Scott Zona

Research Technician

Pesticide Safety Education

Roger Batts

IR-4 Field Research Director

Wayne Buhler

Professor and NC State Extension Pesticide Safety Education Specialist

Physiology / Biochemistry

Plant Breeding / Germplasm Development

Plant Nutrition / Soils

Post-harvest Physiology / Food Safety

Production / Ecology

Jeanine Davis

Associate Professor & Extension Specialist

Barb Fair

Associate Professor and Landscaping, Arboriculture, Urban Greening Extension Specialist

Gina Fernandez

John D. and Nell R. Leazar Distinguished Professor

Anthony LeBude

Associate Professor and Nursery Extension Specialist

Mike Parker

Associate Professor/Extension Specialist

Thomas Ranney

JC Raulston Distinguished Professor

Brian Whipker

Professor and Commercial Floriculture Extension Specialist

Root Biology

Sustainable Agriculture / Organic Production

Taxonomy / Systematics

Weed Management

Roger Batts

IR-4 Field Research Director

Wayne Mitchem

Extension Associate and Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium Coordinator

Joe Neal

Professor of Weed Science and Extension Specialist