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Paul Nelson

Professor Emeritus


Former teaching and research responsibilities in floriculture. The first research area involves the enhancement of nutrient use efficiency in greenhouse crops and the reduction of nutrient loss in greenhouse effluent. Approaches include a) the development of new slow-release fertilizer mechanisms amenable to the maintenance of low soil solution concentrations of nutrients through more highly localized placement and b) increased nutrient retention within the rhizosphere by increasing anion and cation exchange capacities. The second research area involves the development of a nutritional program for plug seedling production. Components include the impact of salt and specific nutrient levels on germination, pH control, and its interaction with fertilizer formulation and with bicarbonates, the establishment of substrate and tissue standards, control of growth through nutrient stresses and ammonia: nitrate ratio, and influences of temperature and leaching percentage of nutrient requirement.


Ph.D. Cornell 1964


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