Je’Juan Bryant: The Difference Scholarships Make

A recipient of the Cowles Family Scholarship and the Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Education Scholarship.

September 10, 2020 | 

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For Je’Juan Bryant, coming to NC State wasn’t just about earning a college degree. He wanted to be part of a community that was not only committed to academic excellence, but also committed to making a difference in the world.

“Being part of the Pack means having a support system of alumni, faculty and students who are able to relate to your experiences and provide guidance on how to become a more successful individual,” Bryant says.

Bryant, a junior majoring in animal science and minoring in poultry science, was the recipient of two scholarships — the Cowles Family Scholarship and the Hanns-Dieter Alhusen Swine Education Scholarship.

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Bryant says being the recipient of not one, but two scholarships has meant the world to him. The scholarships allowed him to better afford a higher education.

“Having to worry less about the financial burden associated with higher education makes it much easier to focus on other important things such as grades, coursework, staying engaged on campus, and physical/mental well-being,” Bryant says. “I feel more capable of reaching my academic goals knowing there are people who support my education, and it motivates me even more to do well in my courses.”

And it’s not just about bettering himself, Bryant is always willing to help and support friends and classmates.

“If I can lend advice to another student with similar goals and aspirations or if I can help someone understand a difficult concept in a course, I try to do that because I would want someone to do the same to me,” he says.

He’s also helped with the Feed the Pack Pantry and volunteering at the Agroecology Farm through the Poultry Science Club. One of his favorite ways to support the Pack was as a VetPAC Intern.

“This program allowed me to connect with high school students and potential NC State students and explain the wonderful opportunities that NC State has to offer. I was able to inform parents about life on campus and give advice to incoming students,” Bryant says.


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