VetPAC Networking Event 2023

Each spring, VetPAC hosts the Annual Networking Event that brings over 60 organizations to campus to offer NCSU pre-veterinary students the opportunity to network with a variety of community partners including:

  • Local private practitioners, industry, institutional and academic veterinarians
  • CVM NCSU Research Faculty and DVM Students
  •  CVM admissions representatives (Ross University, St. George’s University, NC State, etc)
  • Animal Education Unit and Study Abroad Office Representatives
  • VetPAC Internship Representatives
  • GRE preparatory representative

As part of the registration process, participants receive a copy of JAVMA, a list of internships and contacts, and the CVM NCSU pre-requisites.

The 2023 VetPAC Networking Event will be held on Wednesday February 1st, 2023 from 5:30pm-7:30pm in the Coastal Ballroom in Talley Student Union

Dr. Dan Dombrowksi speaking to students at a networking event