Second Year

Prerequisite coursework for CVM NCSU:

Sophomore Fall;  CH 221 (with lab) + ST 311 + ENG 101 or COM 110 or COM 112 or 211; or Humanities/Social Science course
Sophomore Spring;   CH 223 (with lab) + ANS 225 or ANS 230 or (PO) 415 + ENG 101 or COM 110 or COM 112 or 211; or Humanities/Social Science course

NOTE: You must check the prerequisite course requirements of each Veterinary School that you plan to apply to and ensure that you have incorporated ALL required courses for these institutions in your undergraduate education. Each Veterinary School has different prerequisite courses, and these can change. It is recommended to check them at least once per semester.

Fall Semester:

  • Revisit your Career Map and consider where you’re building depth and duration in your experiences. Identify the experiences you want to continue with to pursue greater responsibilities within those organizations
  • Consider a Teaching Assistantship or an on-campus job in a faculty member’s lab or program office such as VetPAC
  • Look into Summer Study Abroad opportunities. The ANS 395: Introduction to Animal Behavior and Physiotherapy course applications go live in winter
  • Considering attending the North Carolina Veterinary Conference in November to network with local practitioners and look for local opportunities.

Spring semester:

  • Consider running for leadership positions within your clubs, sports team, or service organization
  • Apply to be a VetCAMP Counselor for the following Summer
  • Apply for Fall research opportunities through the Office of Undergraduate Research or reach out to faculty that you want to study under to see if they have room in their labs for new students
  • Sophomore resumes are more competitive, so consider applying to a variety of internship and work positions for the summer and coming fall. Take your resumes and cover letters to CALS Career Services prior to submitting any application!
  • VetPAC recommends first and second year students take the 1 credit hour spring elective ANS 281: Professional Development of Pre-veterinary Track Students. This course is designed to teach students how to diversify their portfolio to become competitive applicants for Veterinary School
  • Consider registering for and attending the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association Annual Symposium to tour US Vet Schools, network with other pre-veterinary students across the nation, and explore lab opportunities unavailable at NC State


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