Pre-Veterinary Study Abroad

Pre-Veterinary Study Abroad Opportunities

UK Study Abroad Experience

The professional development course was offered as a hybrid course through in-person lectures combined with virtual guest speaker presentations and Q&A panels. Students learned about the profession from a variety of veterinarians including exotic animal veterinarians and the attending lab animal veterinarian both from NCSU CVM, financial advisors, and current DVM students. To prepare for hybrid DVM interview formats, one lecture covered CASPer, Kira Talent, and Zoom interview formats by a current VMCAS applicant.

Participating in a Study Abroad program is an excellent opportunity to diversify your education with experience and knowledge you may not otherwise gain in the classroom. NC State offers a wealth of Study Abroad opportunities, including several intended specifically for pre-veterinary students.

Other Study Abroad Options

Costa Rica Study Abroad Experience

The Costa Rica Wildlife and Conservation Management study abroad program will give students a hands-on opportunity to work with Central American Wildlife at a rescue center that rehabilitates wildlife and cares for unreleasable animals. Some of the species that students will work with may include, sloths, coatis, kinkajous, armadillos, capuchin monkeys, macaws, owls, turtles, and lizards. Students will shadow veterinarians in the wildlife hospital on-site, perform physical exams and other preventative medicine, work on goal-oriented enrichment projects, and help with volunteer tasks including preparing and delivering meals and cleaning enclosures. Loop Abroad veterinarians will deliver veterinary and conservation lectures and lead several veterinary labs and workshops. Students will gain insight into the challenges of a busy wildlife rehabilitation facility and be inspired by the role veterinarians can play in the conservation and animal welfare of wildlife species.