The Veterinary Professions Advising Center at NC State University hosts a variety of outreach options for prospective students, teachers, and guidance counselors.

  • In June and July, VetPAC hosts a veterinary summer camp (VetCAMP) designed to educate high school students about careers in veterinary medicine and the various opportunities within the field. VetCAMP conducts three, one-week sessions of hands-on programming where students from around the globe can experience pre-veterinary life at NC State. Campers will tour NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, gain hands-on experience with pigs, horses, and small ruminants at the university’s Animal Education Units, experience a small animal case study, and more!
  • Prospective families can visit VetPAC via the CALS’ Spend A Day At State program. Through this program, students and their families can visit NC State’s campus, meet with the VetPAC interns to learn more about the pre-veterinary resources available through VetPAC, and sit in on an Animal Science class.
  • VetPAC interns and staff are available Monday-Friday during the academic year to attend high school and community college career expos, college fairs, STEM fairs, and class visits to discuss pre-veterinary life at NC State and the veterinary field. Anyone interested in requesting VetPAC speak at their events should email the VetPAC Office (vetpac_office@ncsu.edu) with the date, time, and details of their event.