Fourth Year

Prerequisite coursework for CVM NCSU:
Senior Fall; MB 351/352 OR 411/412
Senior Spring; BCH 451

NOTE: You must check the prerequisite course requirements of each Veterinary School that you plan to apply to and ensure that you have incorporated ALL required courses for these institutions in your undergraduate education. Each Veterinary School has different prerequisite courses, and these can change. It is recommend to check them at least once per semester.

Fall Semester: 

  • VMCAS Applicants should schedule their final VMCAS advising sessions with Dr. Trivedi in preparation to submit by the September 15 deadline
  • Verify with eLOR writers that they have completed their eLORs prior to the VMCAS deadline. Applications are not considered complete until all eLORs are turned in and will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Students should use this time to diversify their resumes and explore potential career options in an area of veterinary medicine in which the individual has an interest, but has had minimal to no prior experience
  • Continue Teaching Assistantships and consider TA’ing for courses such as Anatomy lab or other courses that will be part of the DVM curriculum
  • Continue to work with a veterinarian to deepen experience in a main area of interest or in an area where you have no experience to diversify your portfolio
  • Students should continue involvement in an extracurricular activity that is of interest to them; these can become invaluable ways to gain leadership experience and develop interpersonal communication skills
  • Considering attending the North Carolina Veterinary Conference in November to network with local practitioners and look for job opportunities

Spring semester:

  • The wait for acceptance letters begins!
  • For pre-veterinary students who are planning to take a gap year between undergrad and vet school, this spring is when they will begin preparing your VMCAS. Attend the VMCAS review sessions and advising appointments with Dr. Trivedi throughout the spring
  • Consider registering for and attending the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association Annual Symposium to tour US Vet Schools, network with other pre-veterinary students across the nation, and explore lab opportunities unavailable at NC State

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