Why Join VetPAC?

Available to all NC State students and alumni, VetPAC is dedicated to helping students reach their academic and professional goals in the field of veterinary medicine. With only 30 veterinary schools in the United States, gaining admission is competitive and students must present a well-balanced and unique CVM application. In offering students resources, opportunities, and guidance, we address the four main components of the veterinary school application

  • Required Coursework & GPA
  • GRE Scores
  • Required Experience
  • Letters of Recommendation


VetPAC Library
AVMA-accredited CVM Profiles & Comparisons
CVM Admission Requirements
VMCAS Application Overview
Four Year Timeline
Veterinary and Animal Career Information
VetPAC Seminar Series
GRE Test Preparation


One-on-one advising and mentoring with VetPAC Director, Dr. Shweta Trivedi
VMCAS Application Portfolio Builder
Application Review and Personal Statement Revision
Mock Interviews


VetPAC Internships
Job and Volunteer Announcements
Veterinary Medicine Conferences and Symposia
Study Abroad Opportunities
Networking Events