What is VetPAC?

VetPAC: Individual Advising, Experiential learning, curiculum development, annual events, pre-vet resources, and recruitment

Available to all NC State students and alumni, the Veterinary Professions Advising Center (VetPAC) is a unique pre-veterinary advising center dedicated to helping students reach their academic and professional goals in the field of veterinary medicine. With only 32 veterinary schools in the United States, gaining admission is competitive and students must present a well-balanced and unique CVM application. In offering students resources, opportunities, and guidance, we address the four main components of the veterinary school application

  • Academic Coursework and Calculated GPA
  • Required Experiences and Achievements
  • Letters of Reference and Evaluations
  • GRE Scores


Veterinary College Admissions Requirements BookletVetPAC offers a variety of resources both online and in-person for pre-veterinary students at NC State. Current students and alumni can check out the VetPAC Resources Library located in Riddick 341 where students can review AVMA-accredited CVM profiles and camp comparisons, the latest CVM admission requirements, and utilize a variety of GRE test preparation materials. Students can begin preparing for their VMCAS as early as their freshman year by utilizing the VMCAS Application Portfolio Builder.


NCSU Pre-Vets have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one advising with VetPAC Director, Dr. Shweta Trivedi. Dr. Trivedi provides academic and pre-requisite course advising and Four Year Timeline planning for pre-vets. When it’s time to apply for vet schools, Dr. Trivedi also provides VMCAS application review, personal statement revisions, and DVM mock interviews to counsel students to make their VMCAS as competitive as possible.



Diversity in experience is an important part of any competitive applicant’s portfolio. To offer students a wide array of experiential opportunities, VetPAC maintains an expanding list of internships, study abroad opportunities, networking events, and conferences for students to consider. For the latest on local opportunities, NCSU pre-vets are encouraged to subscribe to the VetPAC listserv to receive job and volunteer announcements.