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NC State student on move-in day

Transfer Students

Applying as a transfer student may seem complicated. We help take the confusion out of the process.

Every year, CALS welcomes about 200 students from another university or community college. When you arrive at NC State, know that you are not alone. New transfer students are assigned a personal advisor to guide them in transitioning to NC State, meeting academic standards, and selecting courses.

20% of NC State Students

begin their college careers at another college or university.

Transfer Application Deadlines  

Transfer Requirements

See the minimum requirements for consideration by each department. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. Each program requires a minimum of 30 transferable credit hours, including the specific course requirements.

MajorCumulative GPA MathEnglishScience
Agriculture Science, Agriculture Education, Extension Education2.5MA 107 or 111*
(may consider college algebra)
ENG 101BIO 181 or 183, or CH 101 and 102
Agricultural Business Management, Ag and Resource Economics
MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 105 and 106, or 181 or 183, or CH 101 and 102
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology3.0MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 181 or 183, or CH 101 and 102
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems3.0 (2.75**)MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 181 or 183 or CH 101 and 102
Animal Science3.0
MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 183 or BIO 181 and CH 101 and 102
MA 131 and 231 or MA 141 and 241ENG 101BIO 181 and 183, and CH 101 and 102 and 201 and 202
Food Science2.7MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 181 or 183, and CH 101 and 102
Bioprocessing Science, Nutrition Science2.7MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 183 and CH 101 and 102
Horticulture Science, Plant and Soil Science (Crop and Plant), Natural Resources – Soil and Water Systems, Turfgrass Science3.0
(will consider 2.75 on individual basis)
MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 181 or 183, or CH 101 and 102
Plant Biology2.7MA 107 or 111*ENG 101BIO 181, 183 and CH 101, 102
Poultry Science3.0
MA 107 or 111* or 114ENG 101BIO 181 or 183 or CH 101 and 102
*The equivalent of MA 111 is no longer taught at N.C. community colleges. Those with past credit for the equivalent course still will be considered for admission with that credit. **Will consider a 2.75 cumulative GPA on an individual basis.

Welcome to the Wolfpack

If you do not receive an advisor or want to change advisors, contact your Departmental Coordinator or a CALS Advisor. The Office of Academic Advising Services also provides resources for new transfer students.

ALS 303 Course

ALS 303 is a one-credit hour course required for graduation from most degree programs in CALS. The class is an introduction to life at NC State. In ALS 303, students will learn:

  • Academic policies at NC State
  • Their responsibilities as a student
  • Campus resources and support services
  • Tips for academic success
  • How to create good habits
  • Career opportunities in agriculture and life sciences

Transfer and current students with more than 30 credit hours can take ALS 303 in either fall or spring. Students with less than 30 credit hours must register for ALS 103. Waivers for ALS 303 are limited to transfer students who have taken a similar introductory course in another college at NC State.

If you have questions about ALS 303, email the CALS Advising Team at