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Information for Faculty

How To Get Involved with CALS Honors

  • Students select a mentor in their second year of the Honors program based on shared interests or connections. Any faculty or program specialist-level staff member can be a mentor. 
  • Once students submit their mentor information, you will receive an automated email from CALS Honors, to verify the commitment and reiterate the requirements below:
    • Meet with the Honors student to discuss
      • How the student is progressing in his/her classes 
      • Student’s thoughts about her/his career path 
      • How college is going overall for students 
      • Support and guide them in choosing courses, creating Honors contracts, or selecting a location to study abroad or complete an applied project  

For students that want to complete a Research Project, you will serve as the supervisor. Faculty will need to have a research program that the student can work on and develop an independent project either as part of ALS 498 and ALS 499 or as part of a non-credit bearing practicum.

  • ALS 398H is traditionally the first course that students take in their CALS Honors program. As part of their introduction, we provide a small group project as part of this SPRING course. During this semester-long experience, small groups of students will work with professors to complete a project based learning activity (PBL); this could be a research project, a literature review, a curriculum review, a pilot project…anything that would give students the opportunity to learn about research. Students will then showcase their knowledge and skills by writing a paper formatted for a scholarly outlet– eg. academic journal or academic trade publication–  and creating a public poster and presentation to disseminate their work at the University Undergraduate Research Symposium.

    Honors Symposium

    CALS Honors students present their findings at the CALS Honors Symposium two times: first, as a team project in ALS 398, and again at the conclusion of the Honors experience. This is an exciting time for students to share their accomplishments and lessons learned. Your role as faculty mentor is to guide students as they prepare materials to present at the symposium.

    A student presenting a poster at a research symposium