Freshman Programs

NC State student on campus

The first year at NC State is an exciting time for students and their families. The CALS Academic Advising Office offers several programs and courses for first-year students to help ease the transition to university life.

ALS 103 introduces first-year students to academic life at NC State, including academic requirements and expectations, campus resources, and career opportunities.

CALS CARES is a summer program that connects new students with faculty and other fellow students before they arrive on campus. It is an opportunity to build relationships and make new friends before the first day of classes.

Students who are passionate about solving today’s environmental issues will discover a cohort of like-minded peers in the Environmental First Year Program (ENVFY).

Have a question about your first year at NC State? Contact CALS Advising.

CALS Course Guide

As a new student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), you will work through three steps to enroll in courses for the Fall 2017 semester. Instructions and details will be sent by email, so please continue to check your email frequently for updates.

Step 1: Use the CALS Course Planning Guide. Instructions will be sent the week of May 15. The course guide will prepare for Step 2 by asking you questions about your educational background and experiences in certain courses.

Access the CALS Course Guide to complete Step 1 (log in using your Unity ID and password).

Step 2: Use the Pack Planner. Instructions will be sent the week of May 22. The Pack Planner will help you prepare to enroll in courses (Step 3).

Step 3: Enroll in Fall 2017 courses. Instructions will be sent the week of May 29. Advising holds for CALS students will be released June 5.

Questions? Email and a CALS Academic Advisor can help.


The first year at NC State can be overwhelming. About 41 percent of freshman and transfer students reported feeling “lonely” or “isolated” after their first year at NC State, and none had developed a relationship with a faculty or staff member. We want our students to be connected, accepted, respected, and encouraged.

CALS CARES is a summer/early fall program with a goal of helping first-year students connect with faculty and staff members in the college. It is an opportunity for new NC State students to start building essential relationships early. Students and volunteer faculty and staff read a book selection together during the summer. In September, they meet in small groups for a one-hour book discussion.

CALS is always striving for new ways that we can show our dedication to Connecting, Accepting, Respecting, and Encouraging Students during their journey at NC State. So join us in the CALS CARES Workshop series! This brand new series will be hosted by the CALS Academic Programs Advising Team to provide you with expert knowledge in the forms of examples, discussions, shared experiences, and activities to help you be successful at NC State, and to find your home away from home.

Fall 2017 Workshop Dates

Workshop 1: College Life 101

  • August 23rd 11:45am -12:45pm (Talley 4101)
  • August 24th 11:00am – 12:00pm (Talley 4101)

Workshop 2: Evaluating and Adjusting

  • September 27th 11:45am -12:45pm (Talley 4101)
  • September 28th 11:00am – 12:00pm (Talley 4101)

Workshop 3: Exam Preparation

  • November 8th 11:45am -12:45pm (Talley 4101)
  • November 9th 11:00am – 12:00pm (Talley 4101)

Incoming students interested in CALS Cares should contact the CALS Advising Team for more information.

ALS 103

Freshman Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences

ALS 103 is an introduction to life at NC State and is an important stepping stone to success in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The course is required for graduation from most CALS degree programs.

  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Prerequisites: Freshman or Sophomore status (students who have obtained less than 30 credit hours)
  • Offered: Every year in Fall and Spring

In ALS 103, students will learn:

  • Academic policies at NC State
  • Their responsibilities as a student
  • Campus resources and support services
  • Tips for academic success
  • How to create good habits
  • Career opportunities in agriculture and life sciences

Students with less than 30 credit hours take ALS 103 in either fall or spring. Transfer students and students with more than 30 credit hours must register for ALS 303.

Waivers for ALS 103 are limited to transfer students who have taken a similar introductory course in another college at NC State. Visit the Academic Programs Office in 111 Patterson Hall to inquire about waivers for ALS 103.

If you have additional questions about ALS 103 or other Freshman programs, email the CALS Advising Team at

CALS WISE Advising

CALS offers advising support to our WISE Village participants in Lee Hall every Monday during the semester by appointment.

This year we are introducing WISE Groups. These groups are designed to give the participants a creative environment to enhance their academic success and provide positive experiences with others who share common interests.  Each group is limited to 18 participants.

Please click on the link below to register for the groups that interest you.

College Hacks

Tips and tricks to make college life a little bit easier!

Words To Live By

Words of encouragement as the semester gears up!

Self- Care in College

School is important, but taking care of yourself is, too.

Just Keep Swimming

Making the second half of your first semester the best weeks yet!

Self- Care in College

School is important, but taking care of yourself is, too.

Getting Involved

Take a step back and reflect on your involvement this semester. What went well and what could change?

What I Wish I Knew

You survived your first semester of college! What have you learned that you wish you knew just a few short months ago?


WISE participants with questions about advising and the groups should contact Bianca Glaze  for more information.