Freshman Programs

NC State student on campus

The first year at NC State is an exciting time for students and their families. The CALS Academic Advising Office offers several programs and courses for first-year students to help ease the transition to university life.

ALS 103 introduces first-year students to academic life at NC State, including academic requirements and expectations, campus resources, and career opportunities.

CALS CARES (connecting, accepting, respecting, and encouraging students) is a program that connects new students with faculty and other fellow students on campus. It is an opportunity to build relationships and make new friends during the first semester.

Have a question about your first year at NC State? Contact CALS Advising.

CALS Self Registration

As a new student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), you will work through three steps to enroll in courses for the Fall 2019 semester. Instructions and details will be sent by email, so please continue to check your email frequently for updates.

Step 1: Identify courses for your major (taking into consideration your placement test scores, educational background and experiences in certain courses).

Step 2: Use the “Add to Cart” tab to fill your Shopping Cart in MyPack Portal to plan your schedule.  You can use online guides and tools to help.  Instructions will be sent the third week of May. Things like your 8-Semester Plan, Degree Audit, and Pack Planner will help you prepare for this step and then ultimately to enroll in courses (Step 3).

Step 3: Enroll in Fall 2019 courses. Instructions will be sent at the end of May. Advising holds for CALS students will be released June 3.

Questions? Email the CALS Advising Team for help.

ALS 103

Freshman Transitions and Diversity in Agriculture & Life Sciences

ALS 103 is an introduction to life at NC State and is an important stepping stone to success in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The course is required for graduation from most CALS degree programs.

  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Prerequisites: Freshman or Sophomore status (students who have obtained less than 30 credit hours)
  • Offered: Every year in Fall and Spring

In ALS 103, students will learn:

  • Academic policies at NC State
  • Their responsibilities as a student
  • Campus resources and support services
  • Tips for academic success
  • How to create good habits
  • Career opportunities in agriculture and life sciences

Students with less than 30 credit hours take ALS 103 in either fall or spring. Transfer students and students with more than 30 credit hours must register for ALS 303.

Waivers for ALS 103 are limited to transfer students who have taken a similar introductory course in another college at NC State. Visit the Academic Programs Office in 111 Patterson Hall to inquire about waivers for ALS 103.

If you have additional questions about ALS 103 or other Freshman programs, email the CALS Advising Team.