International Seminar Series

CALS SAIGE  hosts a monthly International Seminar Series where invited speakers share their international research experience along with lessons learned and tips for graduate students who want to become more involved in international research.
All Graduate Students are invited to attend the seminars!

Upcoming Seminars

Spring 2021


MARCH: Jaime Adams
Senior Advisor for International Affairs, U.S. Department of Agriculture

“My Journey from Rural America to Washington, DC, with stops in Vienna, Kabul, and Dubai!”



FEBRUARY: Dr. Jan W. Low
World Food Prize Winner
Principal Scientist, CIP (International Potato Center)

“Working through Collaborative Partnerships to Exploit the Potential of Sweetpotato to Improve Nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa”



Past Seminars

Fall 2021

NOVEMBER: Dr. Mohammad Golam Farouque: Building Bridges between NC State and Bangladesh Agricultural University Through Academic and Research Collaborations
Fulbright Visiting Scholar, NC State Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences


OCTOBER: Dr. Craig Meisner: “How Everyone Works in International Agricultural Science if They Perform Agricultural Scientific Research: Applications World-Wide Through My 39 Year International Career
Senior Technical Advisor
for FAO


SEPTEMBER: Ines Hajdu: “Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability while Ensuring Sustainability by using AGRIVI, the Global Leader in Farm Management Software”
Agro Success Manager, AGRIVI d.o.o, Croatia



Spring 2021

Miljan Erbez: “Development projects in agriculture – a tool to help farmers and make your career interesting
Higher Senior Associate for EU integration in Livestock Production at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water management of the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fall 2020

NOVEMBER – Dr. Tawanda Muzhingi, International Potato Center  – Kenya: “Advancing Food Security and Food Safety through International Collaborations.”

OCTOBER: Hamilton Chiango, MSc., Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – Mozambique.  “International Scientific Cooperation: from Mozambique to the US”

SEPTEMBER: Dra. Maria-Elena Cazar, Universidad de Cuenca – Ecuador: “Building Bridges with International Collaboration: a Journey from Ecuador to the World”


Spring 2020

Dr. Carlos Iglesias“Growing Connections”

Dannica Wall, M.S.:“Poultry in Rural Africa”

Fall 2019

Dr. Diego Bohorquez: “An Experience Interview and Dialogue

Dr. Jean Ristaino: “Tackling Global Challenges of Emerging Plant Diseases”

Dr. S. Gary Bullen:  “Short Term International Opportunities” NC State Agricultural and Resource Economics

Spring 2019

Dr. Jay Jayaratne : Sharing My International Experience and Learning: Opportunities for International Agriculture Experience

Dr. John Beghin: High Cost-High Reward International Experiences

Dr. Tom Sinclair : Advance Your Career: An Overseas Postdoctoral or Sabbatical

Andrew Smolski: Mexico’s Food System in Transition: A Sociologically Informed View

Fall 2018

Dr. Trino Ascencio-Ibanez: Fostering International Research, Education and Collaboration

Dr. Bob Patterson: Benefits from Experiencing our Complicated Worlds: A Retrospective

Dr. Rick Brandenburg