Blue Damselfly on leaf

Spring 2022 Entomology Seminars

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Spring 2022 Entomology Seminars

All seminars will be presented via Zoom.  Some seminars will also be held in-person in the Stephens Room (3503 Thomas Hall).

Decisions regarding in-person seminars will be announced via email from the department.

1/1011:15amMary Barbercheck and Imtiaz AhmadDepartment of Entomology, The Pennsylvania State University Going Underground: The Ecology of a Multifunctional Fungus in Organic Cropping Systems
1/2411:15amDaniel PeckVestaron, Inc The power of proteinsInsectidical peptides: Primer on a new technology yielding novel tools for pest management
1/3111:15amElizabeth KirkwoodNC State Wilson College of Textiles, NC State WholeGarment® knitting of military clothing with bite protection against mosquitoes and other arthropods
2/711:15amSilvana Paula-MoraesDepartment of Entomology, University of Florida, West Florida Research and Education CenterStudies of the ecology of lepidopteran pests to support Integrated Pest Management and Insect Resistance Management recommendations.
2/1411:15amSumit DholeBiomathematics Program, NC StateEradication Through Evolution: Gene Drives for Controlling Pest Populations
2/2111:15amFred GouldDepartment of Entomology & Plant Pathology, NC StateInterdisciplinary research and education at NC State: Past, Present and Future
2/2811:15amAnna WhitfieldDepartment of Entomology & Plant Pathology, NC StateNever say never: Lessons learned from negative-strand RNA viruses that infect insects and plants
3/711:15amMartha Mutschler-Chu Professor of Plant Breeding, Cornell University Tomato lines that control insects and insect-transmitted virus: use as research tools and in breeding commercial tomato hybrids
3/2111:15amTony SheltonProfessor of Entomology, Cornell University Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good: the Bt eggplant project in Asia
4/710:00amMaria Diuk-Wasser (Mike Duke Seminar)Columba University, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology Department-
4/1111:15amJason RasgonDepartment of Entomology, Penn State UniversityThe ReMOT Control revolution: CRISPR made easy for non-model systems
4/1811:15amRajagopalbabu SrinivasanDepartment of Entomology, University of GeorgiaMacro and micro level interactions between begomoviruses and their whitefly vector
4/2511:15amYolanda ChenGund Institute for the Environment, Dept of Plant and Soil Science, University of VermontPeople and the evolution of insect herbivores in agroecosystems