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Steve Toth

Extension Specialist Emeritus

Insect Pest Management

Gardner Hall 2312



ENT 021 (Fall Semester 2000 to 2010) / 121 (Fall Semester 2011)  Pesticides and Their Utilization


Development and distribution of educational materials and programs relating to integrated pest management (IPM) and pesticide regulation, use and safety. Responsibilities include:

  • Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (March 1, 2008 to June 30, 2013) for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
  • Associate Director (Regulatory Issues) (October 1, 2003 to June 30, 2013) for the Southern Region Integrated Pest Management Center
  • Project Leader (March 1, 2008 to June 30, 2013) for the North Carolina Pest Management Information Program.
  • Coordinator of the Pesticides, Alternatives and Food Quality Protection Act Program (January 1, 2001 to June 30, 2013) for the National Science Foundation Center for Integrated Pest Management.
  • Editor (April 1996 to June 2013) of the North Carolina Pest News, a weekly newsletter (April to September) containing timely information on the status of insect and disease pests on agricultural crops, ornamental crops and in urban areas in North Carolina, and co-editor (1988 to 2013) of the Pesticide Broadcast, a newsletter containing current information on pesticide use, registration and safety.
  • Educational program leader (February 1, 1996 to June 30, 2013) (North Carolina Pesticide Safety Education Program) for the training of commercial pesticide applicators seeking certification/licensing in the Agricultural Pest Control – Plant category in North Carolina.


CALS Perspectives – Winter 2000


B.S., North Carolina State University (1978)
M.S, Louisiana Teach University (1980)