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Lewis Deitz

Professor Emeritus

Systematics of Treehoppers and Related Groups

Gardner Hall 4311



Projects on the phylogeny and systematics of the Membracoidea (Hemiptera) and also the compilation of Internet accessible databases, including TREEHOPPERS, for retrieving information, images, and literature on treehoppers (Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae), DrMETCALF, for retrieving pre-computer literature (1758-1955) on the auchenorrhynchous Hemiptera, and AgNIC: SYSTEMATIC ENTOMOLOGY, a general resource for insect systematics.

Publications List


 NCSU Insect Museum

 NCSU AgNIC Web site on Systematic Entomology

 Dr. Metcalf: a Resources on Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, Spittlebugs, and Treehoppers

 PEET: Partnership for Monographic and Phylogenetic Research on Leafhoppers and Treehoppers

 TREEHOPPERS: Aetalionidae, Melizoderidae, and Membracidae (Hemiptera)


B.S., University of Maryland (1967)
M.S., University of Maryland (1968)
Ph.D, North Carolina State University (1973)