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Fred Gould

William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture

Thomas Hall 1552A


The Gould lab is doing research in applied and basic evolutionary biology of insects. We are investigating the genomic basis of pest adaptation to control efforts that use conventional pesticides or genetically engineered crops. We are using population genetic modeling and experiments to make predictions about the utility of novel gene-drive strategies for suppressing or altering the characteristics of pest populations. We collaborate with molecular biologists, agronomists, and scholars from social science and humanities disciplines to train students in more holistic approaches to innovation in the life sciences.


The research mission of our lab group is to investigate the ecology and genetics of insect pests in order to better understand natural and human-induced evolution. We believe that this knowledge will contribute to imporving food production, and the health of humans and the environment. We use diverse apporaches to achieving our goals, ranging from molecular analysis and ecological experiments to mathematical and computer modeling. We strive to work hard as a team, respect each other’s contributions, and have fun along the way. Some of our projects have clearly defined, applied objectives, while others are motivated solely by the desire to better understand the evolution of biological diversity. Our lab has historically focused on pests of agricultural importance, as seen in research projects with the headings “plant-insect interactions“, “evolution of moth sexual communication systems“, and “evolution of resistance in crop pests“. In the past 5 years we have expanded our research to also include pests such as mosquitoes that have direct impacts on human health. Our project on “genetic pest management” reflects our belief that genetic engineering of insects can be used as a tool for reducing the impacts from pests of medical and agricultural importance.


  • ENT 731- Insect Ecology
  • ENT 590- Field Ecology and Natural History
  • ENT 599- Plant-Herbivore Interactions
  • ENT 801- Genetic Pest Management
  • ENT 791- Molecular Techniques in Ecology and Evolution


BS, Queens College, CUNY (1971)
Ph.D, SUNY at Stony Brook (1977)