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CALS Comm Workshops

Our departments have great stories. We can help empower you to share them.

Once a month, the CALS Communications team hosts a workshop for all CALS departmental and unit communicators and communications enthusiasts. These sessions focus on best practices, tips and tools to ensure we are on-brand and effective in telling our college’s story.

We also seek to provide a space for networking and discussion between communicators who might not otherwise come in contact.

2021 CALS Comm Workshop Schedule

We’re planning our 2021 workshops. Tune back in on Dec. 16, 2020 to see what topics we’ll cover.


Busy-Day Communications Strategy

Our goal is to make your life easier while making sure your department’s amazing stories get the coverage they deserve.

Ask for headshots with all of these, maybe write a brief introduction, and you have good content with less than 30 minutes of work.


The best way to save time is to plan and know the CALS message.

Recorded Sessions and PowerPoints

Unable to attend a session, or want to revisit discussions from past workshops? We have materials for you to view.