VetCAMP Housing Information

For VetCAMP 2024, campers will stay in Bragaw Hall, an NCSU Dormitory. Bragaw is a suite-style residence hall located on West Campus near Fountain Dining Hall.

*Accepted campers must send any special housing or dining requests to within 1 week of registering for VetCAMP*

Furniture and Room layout:

  • Twin XL beds
  • Bed heights in residence halls are approximately 4.6 feet (standard height) off the ground. 
  • Bed heights may be lowered upon request

*All overnight camper will be provided with a key to their designated room. It’s important to remember that campers are accountable for safeguarding their keys. In the event of a lost key, campers will incur a replacement fee according to the NCSU housing’s policy on lost keys.*

*Click here for virtual tour of Bragaw*


Mandatory Overnight Fees

  • $700
    • Base rate includes lab materials, camper shirts/binders/backpacks, transportation, and catered lunches.
  • $230
    • Overnight stay in Bragaw and fee covering meals (breakfast and dinner)


Overnight Accommodations options:

  • Full Linen Package – $30 (additional fee)
    • Includes: Pillow, Pillowcase, two full sheets, blanket, towel, and washcloth
  • Deluxe Linen Package – $35 (additional fee)
    • Includes: Full Package plus shampoo, conditioner and soap

*Overnight Accommodations are not mandatory, they are here for your convenience 

*All special requests regarding overnight accommodations or dining are due within 48 of registration 


University Housing Policies:

  • Occupants expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with rights and needs of others on campus
  • Ex: Conference participants assigned to the residence hall shall not congregate around other residence halls
  • Not allowed in residence halls: pets, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers, hot plates, open flames, or candles.
  • Subject to removal if throwing objects, using fireworks or items harmful to the physical welfare of other participants, tampering with fire safety, misusing elevator systems, deliberate or malicious vandalism, theft, and harming the overall physical safety of guests
  • Quiet hours enforced from 10pm until 8am daily 
  • University housing prohibits propping open any door 
  • Prohibited from using any mechanical device to hold open an exterior access door
  • All windows must remain closed and locked when room is unoccupied at ALL TIMES