If you have an interview for a job or internship, you have impressed an employer with your qualifications. During the interview is the time to prove you are the right person for the position. Interviews can be intimidating, but you can increase your confidence by preparing ahead of time.

See the resources below for tips and sample questions to prepare for your interview. Don’t wait until you have an interview to start preparation. Many times, employers will call you to set up an interview for the next day, leaving you little time to get ready.

The key to a successful interview is practice. Interviewing is a skill that can be learned and improved the more you practice. The Career Services staff can help by conducting mock interviews with you. These appointments give you a chance to practice your skills and get feedback before your interview. Call to meet with a Peer Counselor or Career Advisor: 919-515-3249.

Many students aren’t sure how to dress for interviews and often make the mistake of dressing too casually. This mistake can cost you the job. See the links below for tips on making a good first impression.

Interview Resources

Interview Quiz

Questions Interviewers are Most Likely to Ask: Practice Questions to increase your confidence

Behavior-Based Interview Questions: Practice with situation-response questions

Why Should I Hire You?: This handout will help you summarize your qualifications

Questions to Ask in the Interview: Review this list of questions you can ask your interviewer

The Informational Interview: Learn more about this useful type of interview

Perfecting everything from appearance to handshake

Do I Need a Makeover?: Use this checklist to find out

The Rules of Attire: Learn how to dress for the occasion

Business Dining Etiquette: Good manners always count, especially at the table

Tips for acting professionally