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Teaching and Research Facilities

Located both on- and off-campus, our state-of-the-art facilities support the Extension, research and teaching efforts of the Prestage Department of Poultry Science.

Animal and Poultry Teaching Unit

students and faculty standing in front of facility sign holding chickens

3841 Inwood Road, Raleigh, NC

As a teaching unit, this location hosts department classes and Extension programs for community members in a very hands-on atmosphere. This facility helps limit biosecurity concerns caused by individuals bringing diseases into the research flock.

The first of two building houses poultry in two wings with 16-floor pens each. The second building has a classroom for 28 students and two teaching labs: one for evaluating live birds and one for grading eggs and poultry carcasses and parts.

Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center Processing Facility

Prestage waste center

4051 Chi Road, Raleigh, NC

Joseph Stuckey

Research Operations Manager and Project Coordinator

Chicken Education Unit

two people holding chickens

4108 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh, NC

NC State Feed Mill Education Unit

The NC State feed mill manufactures feed for all the animals at the Lake Wheeler Road Field Laboratory

4001 Chi Road, Raleigh, NC 27603

Samuel Brown II

Research Operations Manager

The North Carolina State University Feed Mill Educational Unit supports the extension, research and teaching efforts of the Prestage Department of Poultry Science, and the Animal Science and Biological Agricultural Engineering departments. The feed mill focuses on teaching, developing and implementing new technology associated with feed milling and animal agriculture in North Carolina.

Piedmont Research Station

a student in PPE holds a chicken

8350 Sherrills Ford Road, Salisbury, NC

Teresa Hermon, Station Superintendent

The poultry research program at the Piedmont Research Station evaluates feeding and incubation programs on a size and scale comparable to a commercial poultry operation. Projects include ongoing work with natural feed supplements and rearing of poultry in alternative housing environments. The station hosts more than 15,000 commercial layers and 8,000 broiler breeders; and can incubate and hatch more than 52,000 eggs at one time.

Scott Hall Bird Wing

Scott Hall, home to the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at NC State

2711 Founders Drive, Raleigh, NC

Talley Turkey Education Unit

4601 Mid Pines Road, Raleigh, NC