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Hatching New Opportunities

Career possibilities are boundless with a poultry science degree in your hands. Are you ready to make an impact in a growing global industry?

High Demand for Poultry Professionals

Poultry scientists are in high demand. Especially ours. As one of only six poultry science departments in the United States – and with increasing worldwide demand for poultry – it’s our job to support the burgeoning poultry industry.

We provide excellence in teaching and research to meet the industry’s growing needs, making our department a global magnet for students and faculty. While we’re not the largest, we consider ourselves one of the best – bring us your best and let’s grow together.

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We like to think of the Prestage Department of Poultry Science — our students, faculty and staff, alumni and friends — as one big family. Stay tuned to all that’s happening in the department:

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4H student with her turkeys at the North Carolina State Fair in the Fall.

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