Washington County 4H member and judge viewing rooster at event

Poultry Extension

From breeding to processing — and everything in between — Extension agents, faculty and staff are here to help.

Here For You

Poultry Extension delivers research-based knowledge to citizens throughout North Carolina, whether you’re a producer, an industry partner or a homeowner interested in raising a backyard flock.

We specialize in a number of subject matter areas: nutrition, feed milling, poultry health, food safety, processing, hatchery management, poultry reproduction/breeding, and grow out management for most all species of poultry. We also are committed to training the next generation of poultry leaders through our involvement in 4-H programs.

And through workshops, short courses and specialized publications, we find all sorts of ways to make available the information you need.

From eggs to birds, we’ve got you covered.

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Area Specialized Agents

Group photo of Extension area specialized agents.
L to R: Lauren Greene, Richard Goforth, Margaret Ross and Jonas Asbill. (Not pictured: Marissa Herchler).


Our North Carolina Cooperative Extension Area Specialized Agents

support animal food safety compliance, the commercial poultry industry and small-scale poultry producers throughout the state. From workshops to training to hands-on operational assistance, they’ve got you covered.
Jonas Asbill, Margaret Ross, Richard Goforth and Lauren Greene specialize in poultry. Marissa Herchler focuses on animal food safety.

Get to know who to call for services in your area.

Jonas Asbill

Jonas’ service area covers the middle of North Carolina. He is based at Extension’s Randolph County Center and serves 20 counties. Contact Jonas.

Lauren Greene

Lauren’s service area covers Northwestern North Carolina, including Wilkes County. She is based at Extension’s Wilkes County Center and serves 31 counties. Contact Lauren.

Margaret Ross

Margaret’s service area covers Eastern North Carolina. She is based at Extension’s Jones County Center and serves 32 counties. Contact Margaret.

Marissa Herchler

Marissa’s service area covers the entire state of North Carolina. She is based in Raleigh and serves all 100 counties of North Carolina and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Contact Marissa.

Richard Goforth

Richard’s service area covers Western North Carolina. He is based at Extension’s Union County Center and serves 18 counties. Contact Richard.