Poultry researcher examines an egg yolk at NC State's Prestage Dept of Poultry Sciences's labs.


Our research drives innovation — and bolsters one of the state's largest industries.

Fueling the Innovation Pipeline

Poultry is North Carolina’s No. 1 agricultural industry, making up 40 percent of the state’s total farm income. Those 800 million broilers, 36 million turkeys and 3 billion eggs bring in $3.9 billion a year. That’s almost 10 percent of the national product.

And our department supports the industry every step of the way.

Our research covers the production process from start to finish, providing critical science-based information and an unparalleled innovation pipeline that continues to energize and revolutionize the state’s poultry industry. And our students also get in on the action, conducting research at every level — from genes to eggs to processing.

$3.9 billion a year

That's how much 800 million broilers, 36 million turkeys and 3 billion eggs bring in to North Carolina's #1 industry.

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Our research bolsters one of the state's largest industries.

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