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Ken Anderson

Professor — Commercial Layer and Small Flock Management

Jonas Asbill

Area Specialized Agent - Poultry

Lisa Bielke

Prestage Distinguished Scholar of Turkey Health

Elaine Bohórquez

Teaching Associate Professor - Physiology

Yan Campbell

Assistant Professor - Processing and Products Specialist

Marissa Herchler Cohen

Area Specialized Agent — Animal Food Safety

Frank Edens

Professor — Physiology and Immunology

Adam Fahrenholz

Associate Professor — Feed Milling

Peter Ferket

William Neal Reynolds Professor — Nutrition and Biotechnology

Mary Fosnaught

Extension Associate - Poultry 4-H and Youth Development

Lauren Greene

Area Specialized Agent — Poultry

Jesse Grimes

Professor - Turkey Management

Hosni Hassan

Professor — Microbiology, Biochemistry, Toxicology and Food Science

Michael Joseph

Assistant Professor - Extrusion and Value-Added Processing

Aaron Kiess

Braswell Distinguished Professor - Layers

Matthew Koci

Professor — Immunology, Virology and Host-Pathogen Interactions

Ramon Malheiros

Assistant Professor - Poultry Nutrition, Reproduction and Physiology

Edgar Oviedo

Professor — Broiler Nutrition and Management, Data Analytics

Allison Pullin

Assistant Professor - Animal Welfare

Margaret Ross

Area Specialized Agent — Poultry

Lin Walker

Assistant Professor - Applied Microbiology