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We are in the process of updating the tools and training modules provided on this page. If you would like to suggest a training topic or request an in-person training for your group or department, please contact Molly Bradshaw at

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County  Training Resources


A general overview of the CBO including the structure, functions and processes performed by each business unit, how we serve our departments in CALS, and how to get in touch and stay connected.

Self-guided Tutorial (Articulate)
PDF Overview

Understand the policies and procedures for acquiring and/or selling property through the FEPP program.

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

ServiceNow is the College’s incident management system. This is the portal through which all business transactions and documents are submitted. This training covers how to navigate ServiceNow as well as submit common business documents such as vouchers, PCard receipts, JVs, and IDTs.

Self-guided Tutorial (Articulate)

Business Services

This workflow maps the Accounts Payable process and timeframe from when the departmental customer submits documentation into ServiceNow to when payment is issued to the supplier from University AP.

AP Workflow (PDF)

View the criteria for expensing food under specific internal and external conference and meeting scenarios.

Food Expense Guide: Internal vs. External Conferences & Meetings (PDF)

  • General Overview

As a MarketPlace approved user, learn how to shop for goods and services, create and route requisitions for approval and document the receipt of orders online.

Online Training (REPORTER)
Video Tutorials

  • MarketPlace Orders Workflow

This workflow maps the process and timeframe from when the departmental customer places an order in MarketPlace to when goods/services are received by the customer.

MarketPlace Orders Workflow (PDF)

  • MarketPlace Requisition 

Learn how to edit a MarketPlace requisition that has already been submitted for approval, including how to update or add the Business Purpose.

Self-guided Tutorial (Articulate)
PDF Overview

Access procurement resources and training that detail everything you need to know about purchasing at NC State while keeping you, your department/college/division, and the university safe and in compliance with state and federal policies and laws.

Procurement Training & Resources Webpage
Procurement Overview Video
Purchasing Flowcharts & Visual Guides
Requisitions Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
Requisitions Workflow (PDF)

The CALS Purchase Authorization (PA) System is an online authorization form submitted by faculty and staff for authorizing purchases less than $5,000 from companies that invoice for payment. The PA System provides external vendors with a PA number to include on their invoices. Learn how to navigate the PA system, properly fill out the form, and manage PA numbers.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

View this tutorial for information about using the Supplier Center including navigating the Supplier Center, adding new suppliers, updating existing suppliers, and other important information.

Supplier Center Tutorial

View a list of the different types of transactions performed by CALS Business Services along with the information needed from the customer to process the transaction. Transactions include Journal Vouchers, Online Billing, Interdepartmental Transfers, Requisitions, and Small Purchase Vouchers.

Transaction Types Description Sheet (PDF)

Budgets and Planning

View guidance on how to spend Eventbrite revenue on food and promotional items.

Eventbrite Revenue Guidance (PDF)

CALS is largely supported by funds received through gifts and foundations. Learn about the processes and procedures for what is considered a gift and the documentation to accompany all gift checks.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

A phase is a 5 digit sequence of numbers for tracking either an employee’s operating and/or payroll expenditures or tracking expenditures related to activities within a department. Learn about the different types of phases and how they’re associated with financial projects.

Self-guided Tutorial
PDF Overview

Retro Justifications are used to justify payroll redistributions made over 90 days. They are needed when moving an employee’s payroll from one ledger 5 account to another ledger 5 account or non-ledger account. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the PI and College when it comes to salary distributions and redistributions and how to submit a 90 day Retro Justification form.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

Learn about the processes used for creating or changing an employee’s and/or position’s distribution for “regular” compensation (i.e., salary, benefits, and taxes) to the associated projects and accounts during the payroll distribution process.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

The Wolfpack Reporting System was designed to create a “one-stop-shop” for many reporting applications available for campus use as well as various application links on the same menu. The system includes customer-friendly reports that retrieve information from Financial Reporting in a form that helps you see the big picture, explore details, and make decisions. Learn how to access the data within this system to manage all funding sources related to your program.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

Contracts & Grants

CALS Contracts & Grants Post Award unit provides project management for all sponsored projects after awarding throughout the life of the project period. Learn about the services and transactions required to manage grant projects including requesting Project Modification requests, tips on maneuvering WRS/PI Portal for monitoring budgets, and how to prepare for a successful Project Closeout.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

CALS Contracts & Grants Pre-Award unit handles all C&G related items before an award and/or before the establishment of a 5 account, including advising and developing all necessary administrative documents required for contract and grant submission. Learn about the services and transactions required for alerting and providing the pre-award office with the necessary information for proposal development, including the use of the Project Information and Navigation System (PINS).

Presentation Overview (Slides)

View the pre-award proposal life cycle from when a PI initiates a PIN record to the post-submission process.

Proposal Lifecycle (PDF)

The Principal Investigators Portal, or PI Portal, houses all sponsored program related systems in a central location in a format that is most useful and appealing to the user. Learn how to access related sponsor data for your program using the PI Portal.

PDF Overview
Training Video 
Self-guided Tutorial (Articulate)

The PMR system streamlines prior approval requests from the department/PI to the College Research Office, then on to Contracts & Grants and Sponsored Programs. Learn about the Project Modification Request module functionality and how to access, complete and submit modification requests.

Presentation Overview (Slides)

CBO Staff Resources

CBO Staff Training Resources

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